Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Babies or Trees?

Today, I received a long letter from Linda Gibbons, my pro-life friend who is still sitting in jail in Milton Ontario, awaiting trial - she has been awaiting trial since December 2009.

I thought it might be good to publish Linda's letters, or parts of them, as she writes because I haven't found any other site that is making public her dilemma on a regular basis. Not that my blog gets read by that many people, but you never know - perhaps some really smart human-rights activist might read it and actually do something for this woman who has been maligned for 16 years.

Linda was telling me about a German woman who saved Jewish children from the Nazis by hiding them in her tool bag that she carried around while working on the sewers. She smuggled them out of the Warsaw ghetto and fended off guards by training two large dogs to bark and drown out the children's cries. She kept the parents' names buried in a jar in her back yard, hoping that after the war, she could reunite the children with their parents. Unfortunately, most of the relatives were dead by the end of the war. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize many years later (I recall reading about this) but as Linda says:

Instead of her, Gore or some other politcian was given the award for his environmental work. Go figure. Keeping that forest not cut because little green frog can't wait 70 years for it to regrow (an argument I heard at a politician's meeting during the election) takes precedence over life.
I ran in that election to take away votes from Jack Layton of the NDP. I was with the Christian Freedom Party. At that meeting of environmentalists, I commended them for their arrests for tree-clutching. Then mentioned the little green frog saga that had been proejcted onto a wall size screen.
I said I too have been arrested for protesting and asked "If we should wait 70 years to save a frog, shouldn't we wait 9 months to save the children we are saving the forest for?"
You could have heard a pin drop in the room. (I thought the environ worshippers would have had me drug out and lynched) ...
Well there was a lot of foot-shuffling (even from the Alliance Party rep who was a previous Pentecostal pastor - SHAME he couldn't find his voice.)
Eventually he did, hawing and humming about '"privately" I agree with her but "publicly" it's what my electorate wants.' What if his electorate wanted all environmentalists banned by law?
- Linda Gibbons,imprisoned pro-life activist

Just thought that I should give Linda's voice from jail some public hearing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abortion Breast Cancer Link

Today's Daily Mail has an article by Simon Caldwell titled Abortion 'Triples breast cancer risk: Fourth study finds terminations linked to disease.

Daily Mail article

This link is being stated more and more, and soon the public won't be able to keep dismissing it. The Cancer Society dismisses it; a letter I wrote to them two years ago was answered by their stating that they had their own studies which concluded the opposite. They refuse to even mention abortion as a risk for breast cancer in their online website.

People can keep denying it, but do you really want to take that chance? Dr. Angela Lanfranchi has been doing breast surgeries for twenty years now. She has grappled with the fact that her patients are getting younger and younger. She began to notice the similarities in their medical histories: 1) these women had been put on the pill in their teens for acne; 2) because they were already on the pill, when they had a boyfriend, they engaged in sexual activity because they figured they were safe and the boyfriend could pressure them as well; 3) they had an abortion in their late teens or early twenties (after all, the pill does fail); 4) they were on the birth control pill throughout their twenties until they decided they really wanted children. Then, once they have a child or two, they discover a lump and the tests reveal cancer. Often these women are in their early to mid thirties.

There were simply too many of these patients for Dr. Lanfranchi to dismiss the evidence. Her conclusions that both the birth control pill and induced abortion significantly raised a woman's risk of breast cancer led her to establish The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. She has authored a booklet with Dr. Joel Brind, called Breast Cancer - Risks and Prevention.

You can obtain a copy of this booklet and other literature at the following website:

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Why remain in the dark about this? If Dr. Lanfranchi is correct, every woman needs to know the information that she is making available. As stated on Michael Coren's recent show, when you take a perfectly healthy physical system such as a woman's reproductive system, and throw in some chemical additives to make it stop doing what it normally does, then surgically remove the "products of conception" with an intrusive procedure, surely you should expect some repercussions.

It kind of explains why breast cancer has increased in direct relation to artificial birth control and legalized abortion. Gosh, duh!

Christian Freedom Denied in America

Within three minutes of standing outside an Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan, these Christians were surrounded by SEVEN policemen (how did they get there so fast?) and moved away from the festival. Where is freedom in this town?

And why are the police answering so quickly the demands of Muslims? after all, it had to be Muslims from the festival who called the police, who else would?

Similar and related -
To see other evidence of Christians being silenced, watch this video about Christians and the topic of homosexuality.

Silencing Christians

Feminist Deceptions

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Gloria Steinem and Jehmu Greene on Katie Couric

Gloria Steinem: You can't be a feminist who says that other women can't have an abortion (she was referring to Sarah Palin). One in three American women needs an abortion at some time in her life. To make that criminal and dangerous is not a feminist act.

Shall we then say that William Wilberforce was against the idea of capitalism in England when those with wealth were using slaves to make their profits? It simply doesn't follow. Because Wilberforce was against slavery, that does not mean that he was also against capitalism. To be against abortion, does not mean that Sarah Palin is against women's rights. The error here is to think that abortion is a right.

Steinem speaks from the premise that assumes abortion is a right and has been proven to be such. Pro-life feminists will say that premise is false. Until Steinem addresses the premise and proves it, she is simply mud-slinging.

Jehmu Greene: (of Sarah Palin) Clearly she wants the government to intervene in family planning decisions and have the govt come into our homes and make medical decisions for us. That, to me, goes against any feminist principle I grew up learning.

Again, this is a distortion of reality. As things stand now, women are more pressured by the demands of society to have an abortion than they are encouraged to carry that baby to term. The legalization of abortion actually pressures women to have abortions when they find themselves pregnant inconveniently. It is the easy solution for everyone: the father, the parents, the friends, because the pregnant woman can, with one simple procedure, get everyone else off the hook.

This so-called "freedom" does not give the woman freedom at all. It exerts undue pressure on her into having that "legal" abortion. The conclusion therefore is that, with legalized abortion, the government actually is more intrusive than before. With its laws which are supposed to give women reproductive freedom, that same government has bound women into doing what the law allows, even when it may damage her in the long run.

What sort of freedom is that?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mark Steyn on Ronald Reagan

A few months ago, I read the biography of Ronald Reagan, When Character Was King, written by his speech writer Peggy Noonan, and I was very impressed with the man. Little did I know what a person of character he was. Therefore, when I heard of these videos, I had to post them, since another favourite of mine - Mark Steyn - is featured and he also has great respect for "the gipper". Reagan had some incredible lines, that were not just one-liners given for effect, they summed up his ideology that concluded American freedom was the best the world had ever seen.
"Those who had the most to lose, did the least to prevent its happening." - a brilliant line from a man who is now regarded as a seer. Many scoff at this actor turned president, but just listen to his words and find out about his track record of reducing deficit in the US. And of course, his absolutely fearless handling of Gorbachov and Communism.

As Mark says, "it's about big freedom versus little freedom. Big government expands at the cost of individual liberty."

Ronald Reagan knew this and we would do well to understand what he had to say, because we are much closer now to the socialism that he warned us about. Here, in Canada, we are so "in it" now that we don't even recognize that many of our freedoms are gone.

Ronald Reagan, Chapter 1

Ronald Reagan, Chapter 2

Ronald Reagan, Chapter 3

Ronald Reagan, Chapter 4

Ronald Reagan, Chapter 5

h/t National Review - Uncommon Knowledge

Monday, June 21, 2010

"private and passive"

This is a brilliant post by Catherine Palmer on Ethica Politika.

Hurling Abortion Across the Room

So abortion is unpopular. Most people don’t like it. Or wouldn’t choose it themselves. Or think there are better alternatives. Or all of the above. But the problem is this: while abortion is unpopular, it is not unthinkable. While it is seen as a tragedy, it is not seen as a crime. While it is grappled with considerably, tossed back and forth between one’s hands as he inspects it from multiple angles, he does not ultimately see it for what it is and hurl it across the room; he rather sets it down gently and walks away, deeming it tricky and intimidating and weighty and not wanting to examine it any longer.

Ain't that the truth? It's not long, read it all.

h/t Gerard Nadal
and Jill Stanek had it on her blog last week too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Linda Gibbons

Linda Gibbons has spent more than 500 consecutive days in jail since her latest arrest in January of 2009. She appeared in court last week, and her lawyers presented an inch thick brief requesting full disclosure from the attorney general's office.

From Linda's letter to me, I quote:

The Ag's office sent a letter to my lawyer refusing disclosure, get this, claiming client attorney privilege with itself???? It's so contrived. Publicly the A.G. feigns indifference and impartiality yet is aggressively prosecuting me.
The next court date (due to everyone's holiday but mine!) is Aug 10th and that's to reset a trial date.
In the old Russian penal system you disappeared; here you just fade away s-l-o-w-l-y!

I contacted a journalist at the National Post, requesting advice on who might write this story in the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star. But no reply. No mainstream journalist wants to tackle this story or rather, their bosses won't allow them. But that is what is needed. A cover story that would embarrass the Attorney General into action.

Linda's offense - stepping inside the "bubble zone" outside the Scott abortuary in Toronto and then asking women if she can help them with an alternative to the abortion they are seeking. The Scott clinic does not own that sidewalk; yet they have managed to have a "temporary injunction" that keeps that bubble zone legal since - 1994! Temporary injunction, my foot.

When Linda steps inside that zone, someone inside the clinic calls the police and they respond immediately. I can't help but money is crossing hands, from the clinic to the police or politicians or both to get such protection. After all, Linda does not do anything violent, she simply talks to women quietly. Yet she is apprehended within minutes and taken to jail once again.

Not once, not twice, but at least fourteen times, in fact every time she is on that sidewalk within the last 15 years.

This is a complete violation of Linda's right to free speech. It is time that someone took the lid off the corruption in the system that is keeping this peaceful woman behind bars. It is time that the Attorney General, Chris Bentley, did something honourable in this case and removed that "temporary injunction". If the abortion workers have the freedom to take the arm of an abortion-minded woman and bring her inside the clinic, why does Linda not have the right to speak to those very same women?

Freedom of speech in this country only exists for those on one side of this issue.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr. LanFranchi on Michael Coren

The tv show with Dr. Lanfranchi is now available online at this link

Michael Coren show

Dr. Lanfranchi is a breast surgeon in private practice in New Jersey, she is also the co-founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, along with numerous other duties that she performs. Also on the show is Dr. Margaret Somerville, ethicist from McGill University, Dr. Judith Reisman, and Dr. Chris Kahlenborn.
Dr. Somerville is well known for her views on euthanasia and is now becoming more of a spokesperson for the right to life for the unborn as well. Dr. Judith Reisman's area of research is Alfred Kinsey and how his research into human sexuality has changed our society and our laws for the worse. Kinsey's research was taken as legitimate psychological research whereas it was in actual fact research that he conducted by using convicted pedophiles and his research therefore constitutes child sexual abuse. Dr. Kahlenborn has produced a meta-analysis of the medical research into the risks of using the birth control pill, research that is ignored by the Cancer Society, but research that women need to know about.

As Michael says this show is disturbing and you may disagree with what is said. But you should at least listen, check out these people's statements and credentials as well as their research and then form your opinion.

Kudos to Michael for airing such an informative show on such controversial topics.


Set to start January 2011 - move over CBC - this network won't be mainlining our tax dollars!

h/t Big Blue Wave

Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting to the Truth

A commenter gave me some links to check about the Gaza flotilla episode and wrote:

I would like to point out that these (links) are all objective, internationally respected sources who do thorough research before publishing. There are no random bloggers providing personal opinion as fact. You will note that these facts refute the majority of your opinions.

This brings up the question, which is very legitimate, who do you believe when reading news? Certainly, I agree that bloggers are not journalists per se, and that they are not the primary source for news. However, it seems that we cannot take the mainstream media at its word any longer since they filter the news through their particular lens. This is problematic when it comes to such important issues as the Middle East crisis but it is also a problem on many other issues. Because, if we can no longer trust our radio, tv and newspapers, how can we find out what is really going on?

My husband told me of a new source of information which is actually journalists who are holding British journalists to task for their reporting of things Middle East. A very useful site to keep in your list of favourites.


And closer to home, I read a post about Michael Coren being blacklisted from a CBC political panel, because he has folks within the CBC who do not like his conservative views.

Blacklisted by the CBC

I reassured Ms. Malik that I wasn't angry with her but emphasized that this had happened to me in the past at the CBC, and that it was obvious that I was being cancelled because of people who objected to certain conservative, particularly morally conservative, voices in the media. (As readers of my columns will know, I am an advocate of traditional Judeo-Christian ideals. In particular, I oppose both gay marriage and abortion.)

I continued that I had not been pre-interviewed and that the people at the meeting didn't even know where I stood on economic issues -- in fact I am extremely progressive on certain policies, such as forgiving Third World debt and a massive public investment in psychiatric medicine. There was no logic but piles of guile in such a decision.

I shouldn't, however, be surprised. I was once cancelled at the actual reception desk at the CBC, the show's booker telling me, "the union don't want you on." That incident produced an apology from the head of Newsworld.

I had an entire CBC radio interview prevented from going to air because, according to the producer, "it's extremely good but there are people here who simply hate you."

It is a joke in our house that CBC actually stands for Catholic Bashing Corporation; we gave up on CBC long ago (with the exception of Rex Murphy, who is brilliant) for any news that was not slanted to the liberal left wing.

h/t Deborah Gyapong

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Assassination in Turkey


The doctors who performed the autopsy reveal that Mgr. Padovese had knife wounds all over his body, but especially in the heart (at least 8). His head was almost completely detached from his neck, attached to his body by only the skin of the back of the neck.

Even the dynamics of the killing is clearer: the Bishop was stabbed in his house. He had the strength to go out the door of the house, bleeding and crying for help and there he was killed. Perhaps only when he fell to the ground, was his head cut off.

Witnesses said they heard the bishop cry out for help. But more importantly, is that they heard screams of Murat immediately after the murder. According to these sources, he climbed on the roof of the house shouted: "I killed the great Satan! Allah Akbar! ".

The man who killed Mgr. Padovese was his driver of four years. An investigation is being held into whether this man was sane or not, but there is some evidence that this may have been planned and that the man may have had links to organizations of the "Deep State".

During the celebration of Bishop Padovese’s funeral Mass, the Turkish TV station NTV announced that the 26 year-old driver, Murat Altun, had confessed to killing the bishop. He died after being stabbed 25 times, eight of them in his heart, and was almost completely decapitated by Altun, who said he murdered Bishop Padovese because he had received a “divine inspiration.”

NTV added that Altun shouted “Allahu Akbar” a number of times after the murder, despite having presented himself as a Catholic. EWTN news

h/t Deborah Gyapong

What's the Secret?

Michael Coren's show on Friday, June 11 is going to be worth watching.

A special one-hour show with Dr. Judith Reisman, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and Dr. Margaret Somerville.

The show airs at 6 pm (I assume that is Ontario time) on CTS TV and is repeated the following day at 12.30 pm. If you can't get CTS, the show will be online, probably on Monday or Tuesday of next week, at this link:

CTS online

Dr. Lanfranchi is the doctor that I heard speak here in Halifax in April. She is a breast surgeon working in New Jersey. She, along with Dr. Joel Brind, are trying to inform women that artificial contraception (i.e. the Pill) and induced abortion are key factors in the alarming increases in the rate of breast cancer that we are seeing.

This is vital information that many people should hear. Please try to catch the broadcast and let your friends, relatives, especially women, know about it as well.

As well on the show will be Dr. Margaret Somerville, a bioethicist from McGill University. Another very interesting guest. Margaret produced a paper that was presented to Parliament some years ago, arguing against legislation to pass same-sex marriage. She is very vocal in the debate against euthanasia in this country. As well, she has been weighing in recently on the abortion debate that is bubbling up in Canada.

This will be a dynamic show. One I don't want to miss.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Maternal Aid to Africa

I don't know why I haven't blogged about this before; it only seems logical but perhaps the story did not really take hold in my mind until Jennifer on ProWomanProLife wrote about maternal aid in the Congo.

Last month, my husband and I flew to Ottawa for the wedding of our godson Andrew. It was a great time to see old friends and enjoy a lovely warm weekend in Ottawa, plus see our daughter and her family for a day. Always wonderful to see those great grandchildren who are so full of life and such fun to be with.

Check out her blog at Swimming Upstream

At the reception, we sat at a table with couples that we knew well when we lived in Ottawa, plus one couple that we didn't know very well. During the dinner, I came to hear a little about Maryalice's project to fundraise for a "birthing house" in West Africa. Her daughter Shauna is currently in the Gambia, I'm not sure what she is doing exactly but I think it might be teaching. Somehow, the idea began between Shauna and her mother back in Ottawa that it would be good to erect a building for women to have their babies in hygienic conditions and be able to stay for a little while after delivery before returning home. At present, women deliver their babies at home and the conditions are often less than idyllic.

It struck me that this is exactly what people should see when they discuss the maternal aid initiative that Prime Minister Harper is proposing at the upcoming G8 meeting to be held in Canada this July. While he is being scolded by many for not including abortion in his maternal health care plan, Harper is holding firm that abortion will not be included in this aid plan.

Kudos to Prime Minister Harper.

Building a "birthing house" and providing women of the Third World with a safe place to give birth plus some after-birth care is precisely the kind of aid that we in the west should be giving to women in need. NOT bringing them abortion as we have come to think of it - as a woman's right - as a solution to pregnancy. In actuality, what the abortion-supporters want to do is provide the Third World with their version of population control. Why is that those who have the most in life want to take away the most precious gift of life itself from those who have the least? It is not their babies that poor women want to eliminate, it is the unclean and unsafe conditions that come with living in the Third World that they would like to see changed.

I had my first child in Malawi Africa in 1974. I was a fortunate white woman, a "European" as we were called, and I had a doctor plus midwife, and gave birth in a hospital in Mzuzu that was run by the Irish Medical Missionary Sisters. This hospital was 30 miles away from where we lived, 30 miles that took us one hour to reach by landrover over rutted dirt roads that were thick mud in the rainy season.
African women in Nkata Bay, where we lived, were fortunate to have a mother-and-child clinic also run by nuns (these ones from Switzerland) and they were given the best of care that could be provided in those conditions. Because I was a foreigner, I had the ability to go to the hospital where I would have a medical doctor rather than just the midwife at the mother-and-child clinic.

When our daughter was born that night, there were five or six other women in labour, all Africans. It struck both my husband and me that, within 5 years, Rebecca might be the only surviving child out of that group of 6 children. The others were at high risk of dying from measles, malaria, cholera, snakebite, infections, or the effects of malnutrition. Their mothers did not need abortion to lessen the mortality rate; they needed proper care at birth, good nutrition, immunizations for their babies, and most importantly clean water.

The majority of diseases in Africa could be eliminated simply by the supply of clean water and the providing of methods to get rid of human waste so that it does not contaminate their existing water supplies. We have all seen photos of African children with houseflies on their faces; well, that is absolutely the case. Flies abound and they spread disease from person to person, since they feed on dung, garbage and then alight on people and on their food. Finding ways to get rid of human waste would be a major coup in Africa. In the rural villages, the people don't have bathrooms. Going to the bathroom means finding somewhere outside to urinate and defecate. And unless that waste is left somewhere far from the village, it will contaminate the well water as it leaches back into the system.

Perhaps those who wish to provide abortions for African women should think of shit first, sorry to be so blunt.

Anyway, here are some photos of this "birthing house" project in the Gambia - the happy faces speak volumes. Take some time and read Shauna's blog for yourself. If you are interested in supporting this project, email her and ask how to purchase one of her mother's wonderful photos. Maryalice has been taking photos for a year now, and her husband frames them and they sell them to anyone who is interested. All the money raised goes to the "birthing house" and, so far, Maryalice has raised $8000 with her photos. She really is that good.

Birthing House - Shauna Mulally's blog

To Israel's Defence Again

Over the weekend, I have been reading numerous blogs and articles about Israel. Given the fact that most of the mainstream media has taken an anti-Israel slant on this whole latest episode, I am going to give some links that some of you might find interesting. Then you can form your own opinion on what's going on. Because you won't find this kind of analysis in the television news or in newspapers.

Caroline Glick is an American-Israeli journalist, now living in Jerusalem. She is managing editor of the Jerusalem Post. Her credentials are impressive, check out what Wikipedia has to say about her. That is just a little background before you click this link.

Eileen Read on Huffington Post stating that Caroline Glick should be fired for making that video We Con The World.
Read's mini-article can be read in 30 seconds flat, and in it she presents few facts about what really happened in Gaza last week; she completely misses the point that the video is a spoof used precisely because the facts were not being reported accurately by the media. Most news sources reported the incident as an Israeli attack on Turks, without making the point clear that the aid boat had no business being in those waters in the first place.

Compare Read's scanty writing with Glick's own interpretation of the history behind the Middle East crisis and see who you take seriously after reading both.

Israel's Daunting Task

The article is long; here are some excerpts, but it is definitely worth the long read.

The ferocity and speed of the current international assault on Israel has left the government in a daze. Statements from our leadership are marked by confusion. This reaction is understandable. Everywhere Israel turns it is met with hostility...as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted on Wednesday evening, Britain, France and Germany and the rest of the Western democracies calling for Israel to end its blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza's coast are effectively arguing that Israel should give Iran - which controls Hamas - a seaport on the Mediterranean...
TODAY'S GLOBAL campaign against the Jewish state is the product of three recent developments: The waning of traditional Arab power relative to the waxing of non-Arab Islamic states including Iran, Pakistan and Turkey; the concomitant rise of anti-Semitic incitement throughout the Islamic world; and the US's attenuation of its ties with its allies generally and the US abandonment of its support for Israel specifically...
Since the radical Islamic AKP party took over Turkey in 2003, its leader Prime Minister Recip Erdogan has presided over the thorough brainwashing of the Turkish people. According to repeated polling data, the majority of Turks believe that Israel and America are demonic, murderous nations that kill innocent people for entertainment...
Iran and Turkey understand that attacking the Jewish state is the fastest route to the top of the Muslim world...
As for the US, in the year and a half since Obama took office he has fundamentally restructured US foreign policy in a manner that rewards US enemies at the expense of US allies. From Honduras and Colombia to Britain, Poland, and the Czech Republic, to Japan and India to Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama has treated US allies with contempt and hostility. At the same time, his repeated bids to woo US adversaries have rewarded the leaders of Iran, Venezuela, Russia and others for their aggression...
Israel of course is the US's most threatened ally. And Obama's treatment of Israel has been uniquely shabby--and dangerous. Guided by his ideological worldview which argues that US support for Israel is the root of the Arab and Islamic world's animus towards the US, Obama has advanced a policy of punishing Israel and wooing its worst enemies that has radically changed the Islamic power calculus. By seeking to appease Iran and Syria for their aggressive behavior and by courting an ever more radical Turkish regime, Obama has humiliated Egypt and Jordan that signed peace treaties with Israel. In so doing, he has convinced the Arabs that the only way to retain and expand their power is by attacking Israel...as long as Obama is president, US foreign policy can be expected to remain on its current trajectory. That is, for at least the next two and a half years, the US will continue to play a destabilizing and hostile role in the region...

I noted that the Huffington post article had 258 comments, yes 258! I guess lots of people have lots to say when something is short and attacking, yet demands no thought, just a knee-jerk reaction. Caroline Glick's lengthy article, which is heavy on history and full of her conservative political insights, had a total of 15 comments - yup just 15! Which goes to show that most people can't be bothered to read anything that is too demanding and they fall for the majority view. Well why not since that is the bias they have been spoon-fed by all the media?

Another link is this one by
Star Parker
As she states, Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005.

Instead of focusing on starting to build on what they had, the focus was the ongoing political agenda against the Israelis. Soon the Palestinians were embroiled in a civil war, killing each other, until the terrorist group Hamas gained the upper hand in Gaza. Next on the agenda was smuggling in arms and shooting missiles into Israel.

8500 Israelis were displaced.

A group of these families picked up and moved several miles inland into a barren patch of arid desert along the Gaza/Egyptian border. They used the funds the Israeli government paid them as compensation for their property to invest and build a new agricultural community in the middle of nowhere. There are now 180 families living in Halutza (Hebrew for “pioneer”). They pipe in desalinated water from the Mediterranean coast, fertilize the sand, and grow produce. Today, five years after being evacuated from Gaza, they are exporting $50 million dollars a year of organic potatoes, carrots, and peppers from their new community.

Only 62 years after its founding in the ashes of the Holocaust, Israel has a per capita GDP almost on par with industrialized European nations, has the highest per capita venture capital investment in the world, and has more companies listed on the NASDAQ than any non-US country.
Intel Corporation’s facility in Israel is its only microchip design facility outside the US and is responsible for the design of most Intel chips powering our personal computers today.
All this accomplished under constant siege and war because the Palestinians have rejected every proposal to live side by side since they first rejected the state they were offered by the United Nations in 1947, which gave them more territory than they claim would satisfy them today.
In 1957, Golda Meir, a future prime minister of Israel, spoke at the National Press Club in Washington. She said, unfortunately prophetically, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

And no post about Israel would be complete with a link to Melanie Phillips, who states that, according to the western world,

...any use of military force by Israel to defend itself against attack is simply not permissible, whatever the circumstances...Israel is to be punished for defending itself against attack. Its sovereign ability to protect its own security would be taken away by America, Britain and the EU, who would impose upon it (how?) a set of measures which would hand the final weapon to its would-be destroyers with which they could achieve their exterminatory aim – and worse...
That there is hardship in Gaza is indisputable. But that is caused solely by the fact that it is at war with Israel --waged by a regime that also imposes great hardship and suffering upon the Gazans themselves. The flotilla activists and their supporters, however, continue to maintain that Gaza is starving and that their purpose was to bring in supplies that don’t exist because of the blockade. That is a lie -- serving to promote and widen the ultimate Big Lie about Israel which is causing so many in the west, including leading politicians and journalists, so spectacularly to take their leave of reality altogether.

I just finished reading Unveiling Islam, written by Ergun Mehmet Caner and his brother Emir Fethi Caner, two devout American-born Muslims who converted to Christianity and are now full time evangelical ministers in the US. Their thoughts on Israel are definitely worth passing along:

Some take issue with our adamant stand with Israel, now that we are evangelical Christians. Once we came to read the Scriptures for ourselves, we lost our hatred for Israel, and saw them as God's chosen Priest Nation. If God can break the unconditional covenant He has with Israel, then He can also break the unconditional covenant of salvation.
(note the use of the word hatred as the Muslim attitude towards Israel)

The book was written last year, and the closing remarks about Turkey are certainly apropos what is in the news:

The aftermath of such tragedies (defeat after WWI and the reign of persecution under Ataturk) brought the Turkish people toward a new day and a new mind-set. The lessons learned by the Turks are still as applicable today. First, where bloodshed is greatest may be where freedom finds its next home. Second, for freedom to flourish, it needs an indigenous face such as Ataturk. Third, democracy is possible even in places where it has never gained a footing. Finally, freedom, when captured by people, is a powerful force that can change a country. No one would have ever guessed that the nation which conquered the greatest Christian city outside of Rome - Constantinople, now known as Istanbul, could be transformed into a secular democracy. And yet, it happened.
In the wake of today's rising Islamic militancy, the greatest irony may be that if America does not awake and stand against the tyranny of Islamic law, Turkey may gradually move toward its former roots. As more than a dozen countries have already implemented Islamic laws within the past twenty years, the tide presently is in favor of Islamic theocracy. All of this has oocurred while much of the West has slumbered. When free countries are unwilling to stand up for the inalienable rights of all, other countries are first to suffer the consequences. Freedom can only survive if it is believed in, defended and expanded. Otherwise, freedom will be overthrown by tyranny. - Unveiling Islam, by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner

It is uncanny how so many in the Western world now no longer support Israel. What they do not realise that if we do not defend Israel's right to defend herself, we have given in to the belief that Islam is entitled to advance its agenda wherever it pleases. Keep in mind that there are no Islamic countries where personal freedom is respected; keep in mind that it is the Jewish religion that gave birth to the concept of individual freedom in the first place. If we do not give our support to Israel, then our own freedom will be jeopardized.

In conclusion, check out the videos posted by Blazing Cat Fur of demonstrations this past weekend in Toronto. www.blazingcatfur.blogspot.com

Interesting to note is the anger and shouting all comes from the side supporting the Palestinians. On the other hand, those holding Israeli flags are quiet and peaceful, also much fewer in numbers. Who are you going to believe?

Further reading
Making Martyrs by David Warren

Israel was herself founded on this "Zionist" premise: that Jews would defend themselves; that they would not "go quietly" again. That they would not depend on the goodwill of false friends. Why should Israelis take advice from people who openly encourage an enemy vowed to exterminate them?

Consider the level of hypocrisy here. There were no international "peace" demonstrations when a North Korean submarine torpedoed a South Korean vessel that was offering no threat. There is total indignation when Israel acts against a direct threat to her vital interests.

Yes, the Palestinians suffer. But there is a remedy for that: to fully accept that Israel exists, and be willing to live in peace with her, as with any other country. That option has been on the table continuously since 1948, and has been consistently rejected by Palestinian leaders.

And also Rex Murphy, well known Canadian journalist who knows how to cut through obtuse arguments with his cutting language

This was but one installment in the long and continuous campaign to isolate Israel, and to turn that state in the eyes of international opinion into a pariah, to erode its legitimacy and to break its will. You've seen the branding. Apartheid Israel. Israel is the worst thing to happens to Jews since the Holocaust. Racist Israel. Imperialist Israel.

The campaign has been remarkably successful, which is much to Israel's woe and may be to the world's woe as well.... it is truly worth remarking that when Israel is in the dock, protest rage goes epidemic. To use that vile term so often recently turned upon Israel when it acts in its self-defence, the response is extravagantly "disproportionate."

I truly do not know why this is so. Israel is a sanctuary state established after one almost successful attempt just two generations ago to rid all the world of Jews. And Israel is now in the shadow of a fundamentalist, ferociously anti-Israel theocracy which is about to equip itself with nuclear weapons. Perhaps, alas, under the threat of a second attempt.

Yet somehow Israel is the rogue, the barbarian nation, the only state on Earth that can energize the professionally lethargic diplomats in the great tower of hypocrisy on the Hudson River. Strange and dangerous times.

Interesting discussion on the Michael Coren show; Michael talks with Moshe Ronen, Chair of the Canada Israel Committee on the "flotilla" episode.

Michael Coren show

Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on Linda Gibbons

June 2, 2010 - Arguments plus a request for a change in bail requirements went on all day in Provincial Court in the Linda Gibbons case.

Gibbons has been imprisoned continuously since Jan. 20, 2009, when she was arrested outside the downtown "Scott Clinic," which is protected by a court injunction banning pro-life activity within a specified zone, and eventually charged with disobeying a court order, after initially being charged with obstructing a peace officer and mischief to property. She also faces a retrial on a charge of disobeying a court order in connection with a previous arrest at the site in October 2008. The latter charge had been quashed, but was later reinstated after making its way to the Ontario Court of Appeal. No date has yet been set for that trial, as the Crown has for over a year been stonewalling defence requests for key documents related to the case. - LifeSiteNews, June 4, 2010

Lawyer Nicolas Rouleau argued that the charge of disobeying a court order has been made against Linda, a charge that is a criminal charge; however, Linda's violation of the bubble zone outside the Scott abortuary is a trespass of a provincial ruling.

This case goes back and forth, with Linda being charged with obstructing a police officer, disturbing the peace, but she is never charged with breaking the temporary injunction that placed the bubble zone there in the first place. Why? because those in the justice system in Canada want to keep Linda in jail and the only way to do that is to avoid the real case here. What should be on trial here is the validity of a temporary injunction in place since 1994 (by the then NDP government of Ontario under Bob Rae) that ruled there was to be a 60 foot zone in which no anti-abortion persons could approach women entering the abortion clinic. What should be on trial is the matter of free speech. Why does Linda not have the right to speak quietly to women when escorts from the clinic are given the right to literally hold the arms of said women and bring them into the clinic? The abortion clinic does not own the public sidewalk; how can they usurp the right of others to be there? (someone is in the pay of someone else - there is always a money trail behind corruption). And why do no journalists, other than LifeSiteNews, write about this case? You can be sure that if a homosexual was in jail for upsetting someone who was "homophobic", it would be all over the papers. But not pro-life victims, they are simply left.

What the officials want to do is to keep Linda languishing in jail and to keep this matter away from the public. They just want Linda to simply get sick and die in jail and then they will write her off as some kind of lunatic who was so enamored of her cause that she chose death rather than any other alternative.

This makes me sick. This is Canada, not China, not North Korea, not Russia under Stalin, how can it be that this diminutive woman who has strong convictions but has done nothing to harm a soul has spent more time in jail than Karla Homolka?

Please send Linda a card and let her know that you are thinking of her.
Linda Gibbons
The Vanier Center for Women
655 Martin Street, Box 1040,
Milton, Ontario
L9T 5E6, Canada

And please write to Chris Bentley, the Attorney General of Ontario, expressing the fact that you want a speedy conclusion to this endless victimization of Linda.
Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2S9

In Canada, they may be keeping the law but they are certainly not serving justice.

We Don't Believe You, Mr President

Human Life International Newsletter, Friday June 4, 2010

Dear President Obama,

Every citizen with a modicum of insight into public affairs would say that America is now at a crossroads of decision about what kind of future we want for our nation - and, by extension, for the rest of the world. Whether we like it or not, you are the one who is designated by a vote of the electorate to lead us in that decision-making process. You have asked for the job, and you have proposed yourself as being competent for it. History will judge your Administration on its own merits when your term is complete, but we, the citizens of this country, must judge it for what we see happening before our very eyes. Quite frankly, the picture isn't pretty, and you haven't earned our respect as a leader.

The reason for this, Mr. President, is that we can't believe what you say, and frankly, what you do is utterly unbelievable at times.

The recent Gulf Coast oil spill disaster is indicative of your utter carelessness with the onerous burden of governance. Not only did you dis the families of the 11 workers killed in the disaster, but you also attended fundraisers in CA, a trip to the golf course and several state parties in the White House during the whole time the Governor of Louisiana has been screaming frantically for your attention. How can you expect us to believe that you were actually "in charge" of handling the disaster? In six weeks we have seen hardly a shred of evidence to convince us of that. A leader who says he is in charge of something and then conducts a systematic campaign of blaming, dodging, obfuscating, ignoring and even now prosecuting the others involved - instead of fixing the problem - will hardly go down in the record books as the savior he proposed himself to be when he was elected. You are the Commander-in-Chief who has gone AWOL on a truly national crisis.

On top of all that, you basically blew off a sacred national holiday, Memorial Day, for the sake of a vacation to gangsterland. That slap in the face to our military men and women was not lost on anyone, nor was the narcissistic disregard for American history or anything other than what fits your extreme political agenda. These are appalling traits for the one who holds the highest political office in our land, and only a fawning and dishonest media allows you to get away with this negligence in office.

Speaking of which, what are we to make of your pathetic excuse for the crime of attempting to bribe Congressman Sestak to bow out of the Senate race against Arlen Specter? Do you really think Americans believe the utterly implausible story about offering him a "non-paying" position on some presidential panel? Your Administration's explanation, issued on the afternoon of a holiday weekend, rings hollow, and everyone knows it. "Hollow" is an adequate word to describe your Administration, your political theatre and your rhetoric. Even some of your staunchest ideological supporters admit that it is getting increasingly hard to believe that you mean anything you say.

In the midst of all this domestic incompetence and dishonesty, we have seen no realistic response to North Korean, Iranian or Turkish aggression on the world scene. Foreign politicians know you are a leftist lightweight, and so we can expect more of the same from the rogue nations of the world, further destabilizing the security of our nation and the world. We have, however, seen you and your inept band of political marauders pander to foreign dictators and exploit the Mexican President to abuse us and our national deliberations on serious issues. We have seen your ideological hacks take over whole industries, plunder the private sector, abuse the good will of states and consume sound American institutions as if they were your enemies and with a ferocity that would befit only those who we would call our true national enemies.

Like the Gulf oil spill, your Administration is out of control, and every day is another step closer to disaster. As the oil continues to pollute, kill and damage the external beauty and economy of a whole region, you and your team are doing the same with the trust of the people who built this great country.

We deserve better, Mr. President, and it's time you start doing your job.


Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International


Defending Israel as We Should

The news coverage of the flotilla episode in the Middle East generally makes out Israel to be the bad guys here; whereas the truth is that Turkish Islamists took this as an opportunity to create a news item designed to win support for them. It has worked, with the west chiding Israel and even the UN demanding that Israel open the borders to Gaza. Perhaps we can send this clip to friends and spread the word. Because the truth is not being spoken about this incident. There seems to be no support for Israel to defend its borders; anti-Semitism is now given international approval.

h/t Melanie Phillips