Thursday, February 2, 2017

Canadian Abortion Stats

Kudos to blogger Pat Maloney who keeps the blog

Pat has been digging into government statistics for years, writing to sitting politicians to obtain the facts, and she has been persistent in holding them to account for transparency with the people they claim to represent.

Pat found out that the Ontario government had excluded abortion stats from their annual reporting on medical procedures and she set out to discover why. After all, we have the Freedom of Information Act in Canada, and since we pay for all abortions with our tax dollars, we certainly have a right to know where that money is being spent.

Yesterday Pat got this information from the Ontario government.

45,471 abortions were done in Ontario in 2014/2015

The year 2014/15 is actually one year, from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015.

This number is obtained from OHIP billings, so all of those abortions were paid for by our taxes.

However, previous information from the government revealed that there were only 23,746 abortions for the year 2014. So the actual number of abortions is practically double what was previously reported.

Keep in mind that Stats Canada lists the number of abortions across the country as pretty close to 100,000 per year. And that does not include abortions done at private clinics, as well as a couple of provinces that simply do not report their abortion numbers to Statistics Canada.

You have to wonder what the actual number of abortions is across the country. Because if Ontario is having that number (half the given total), you can be sure that it exceeds 100,000 when you add in provinces like Quebec and BC.

Thanks to Pat for her diligence in this.


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Rebecca said...

Ontario has 40% of Canada's population, so that 100,000 figure seems reasonable to me. As an estimate, that is, not as a reasonable number of abortions.