Thursday, March 2, 2017

Anti-Semitism on the rise

Jews in Europe have been advised not to wear any outward signs of their Jewish heritage in order to keep safe. This means taking off the kippah or yamulke, a distinctive hat that orthodox Jewish men wear; girls are advised not to wear the Star of David around their necks. 

It is a dramatic phenomenon: first, the kippah disappears in the streets, then the Jews themselves flee these societies. 40,0000 Jews have left France in the last fifteen years, one-tenth of the whole French population. In the tolerant, liberal and democratic West, where Muslim minorities have become more and more assertive, Jews have become more and more “invisible.”

Even in Finland, where a small but historic Jewish community has always lived in peace, the Jewish community has issued a directive asking its members not to wear the kippah in public. In Malmö, Sweden, the situation is even more dramatic: the Jews there live like Christians in Mosul.

We have already had one holocaust in our history; we must not have another. 
But people are simply not paying attention, because the 'progressive agenda' is telling them not to worry, when in actual fact they and we are acting like dhimmis before the advance of Islam. 

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