Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mark Steyn interviews authors of Gosnell

The trial that no one covered. The mass murderer in Philadelphia who was only found guilty of 7 murders, because to charge him with more would up the murder rate in Philadelphia to embarrassing levels.

The book is now out and the movie will soon be released. I am guessing that it won't get much more coverage than the trial did.


Janne G said...

How can ANYONE support abortion when there is so much information now available on the subject? David Daleiden has just released yet another video that gives even more graphic and realistic insight into the people who are part of PLANNED PARENTHOOD and the abortion industry. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? How can they be so incredibly blind and insensitive to babies in the womb? Disciples of Saul Alinsky, eg George Soros, Hilary Clinton, Obama, etc. need to be exposed even more. WHAT is wrong with people?

Janne G said...

Now, there is the ABORTION PILL. Women have already died from these pills and will continue to die in their bathrooms on the floor, in their beds, they will abort their babies on the bus, at work, at school and no one will ever know about it. The abortion pill RU-486 is now the silent abortionist. It has transferred the responsibility of the abortion from the doctor/abortionist to the woman. There will be no statistics, no trail of accountability...except the trail of blood on the floor. Cecile Richards' 'friends' are the people she pays, such as Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and gets paid by, George Soros.